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As a relationship expert, I have completed intensive study in couples counseling and have worked successfully with couples for more then a decade. I have worked with a wide variety of couples, in various stages of life challenges. Some, may be facing a difficult life challenge, or transition and simply need the help of a professional to help them move forward, while others have lost the ability to communicate about anything. Some couples feel they have fallen out of love, and find the relationship very unsatisfying, and contentious.

My approach is collaborative and non judgmental. I am approachable and very active in the session, identifying the underlying issues, and helping you to work through them. I ask my clients to do thought provoking homework that helps them to clarify their goals, and more clearly identify the disconnect in the relationship. Together, we can actively work to repair and possibly, heal the relationship.

The majority of the couples that come to me for counseling, have been referred to me by former clients that I have successfully counseled. I realize that a client referral is a privilege, and I am honored to work with each and every client.


I am a licensed LPC-Supervisor.

I supervise LPC interns as they achieve their 3000 hours necessary to qualify for their LPC license.

Board Certified PTSD Clinician

Certified Relationship Counselor

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