Kristina Fernandez Wellness Center


The methods I use in my practice are varied. I have training in many facets of psychotherapy and rather then use a “one type fits all” approach, I draw from a number of treatment modalities in an eclectic approach to fit my client needs.

My graduate training in marriage and family therapy has given me a solid foundation in working with individuals, groups, couples, and families.

My early training with Dr. Harlene Anderson, and her collaborative language theoretical basis opened my mind to approaching clients in many therapeutic ways.

The RIGHT therapist is the key to producing the best therapy results and experience.


I draw from collaborative language, family systems theory and cognitive behavioral therapy, which are considered “traditional therapy”. In addition,

I have training, certification and experience in treating eating disorders and advanced trauma techniques such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization, reprocessing), a technique that is often used when a rapid, multidimensional approach is desired.

I am also trained in energy psychology techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), and TAB (touch and breathe), which are techniques used to treat depression, anxiety, panic attacks, health imbalances, and chronic pain.

Energy psychology offers a very unique way of addressing these issues as the client is not required to re-experience distressing events in order to re-balance the energy system, which often results in symptom relief.

As you can see, I use the “power tools” of energy psychology and interweave many of the nuts and bolts of traditional psychology including cognitive behavioral approaches, guided and interactive imagery and the repair of developmental conflicts that began in early childhood, and left untreated continue to effects  a client’s current relationships.


Incorporates a variety of methods to obtain the best results.


With these combined methods, clients can create more balanced, meaningful, and joyous lives and enjoy much more durable, longer-lasting results from therapy.